• "I suffered from a herniated disc back in August 2016. I was young and in denial, so I continued to just push through the pain. Fast forward a few months, I saw my primary care physician, she made it a point to get me into physical therapy and pain management because I complained of agonizing pain ranging from 8-9/10 in the mornings and after a long day of work. For weeks I attempted to get a hold of a pain management practice in Delaware that would help alleviate my problem or just completely fix it. I was told to wait as the office was too busy/packed for 4-6 weeks. I first saw Dr. Patel when she was practicing in New York and and I continue to see her today. She worked with me to bring my pain levels down through a series of injections and then she even worked with me to find a surgeon who could operate to remove the disc herniation. Today I'm able to work 14 hour days without the slightest bit of back pain. I truly believe if I never went to dr Patel I would still be in agonizing pain."

    J. P.
  • "Dr. Patel is an excellent physician who deserves serious credit for her genuine compassion and knowledge for pain management. She was patient while listening to my complaints, thorough in her assessment of my pain, and so caring during my treatment. I cannot believe doctors like her still exist!! She has entirely cured my back pain while relying on interventional methods, rather than medication therapy alone and I am so thankful to her."

    J. A.
  • "Dr. Patel is very caring and really listened to my concerns about my health issues. Dr. Patel and her staff made me feel welcomed in her office. I would recommend her to family and friends. She is the physician with the best bedside manner I have encountered."

    G. H.
  • "My experience at Delmarva Pain has been by far one of the BEST in my life. Everything from the staff, Dr. Patel's treatment plan, and the pleasant environment of the office has made my journey of undergoing spinal cord stimulation much easier than anticipated. I am very pleased with the results. There were other treatments that I had undergone prior to seeing Dr. Patel that were not alleviating the level of my pain. The best thing about having the stimulation is the fact that it has decreased my medication intake. Because I'm taking less medications, I have more energy and am able to spend quality time with my family. It's the best decision that I could have made for pain relief."

    J. A. P.
  • "I've suffered from chronic pain on my wrist for about three years now. After trying several treatment options, I visited Dr. Patel who was immediately able to manage my pain. She administered a series of injections that helped restore my ability to use my arm and have a more normal life. Because of the great results I’ve had, I recommend Dr. Patel to all my family and friends that might benefit from her pain treatment."

    A. P.
  • "Dr. Patel provides the utmost diligence and care when interacting with each and every patient. She is a physician that takes the time to understand a patient's complaints, perform a thorough exam and provide a reasonable plan. Her skills are unmatched! I give her my highest recommendation!"

    G. C.
  • "Dr. Patel is beyond talented. She is a remarkably intelligent doctor and shows such kindness and compassion, seeing her patients as people first. She wants to help you get through difficult times. Her devotion to caring for her patients is evident, and you can know you are in the best hands possible."

    J. D.

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