Pain Management and COVID-19: What You Should Know

Every medical field from primary care, pediatrics, and geriatrics to specializations like orthopedics, neurology, and surgery are carefully navigating patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to strike a balance between safety and need.

But if you’re one of the 50 million Americans battling chronic pain, you need to be in regular contact with your pain management team to maintain your progress and address flare-ups. 

We have you covered at Delmarva Pain and Spine Center. Shachi Patel, MD, our double-board certified pain management expert, never compromises your safety or your ongoing care, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how we do it.

Common sense precautions

Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, we are taking every precaution to keep our patients and our staff safe. We comply with all recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and stay abreast of the ever-evolving guidelines.

This includes:

Of course, if you know you've been exposed to the virus or you have symptoms, we ask that you do not come into the facility, but rather call us for further instructions. 

Super sanitization

We take pride in our immaculately clean offices, and we know you do, too. Providing you a healthy and safe environment has always been a high priority for us, but we’re taking it up a notch.

We sanitize every surface, whether it’s been touched or not, after each visit so you can rest assured that it’s safe to see us in person.

Telehealth appointments now available

The concept of telehealth is not new, but its use has skyrocketed in nearly every field of medicine since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

Simply put, telehealth is a way to have a virtual appointment with your doctor from the safety and comfort of your own home. Your visit may include a phone call or a video chat, whichever serves your needs best.

Most insurance companies and Medicare cover the cost of a telehealth visit just as if it were a traditional face-to-face visit.

While there are some limitations to this mode of medicine, and there are some instances where an in-office visit is necessary, there are many ways a remote visit can cover your needs. 

For instance, Dr. Patel can complete your follow-up visits in a telehealth appointment so you don’t have to come into the office.

She can also see you in a video chat, so if you have concerns about the way something looks, like excessive swelling, she can make an assessment. Dr. Patel can prescribe medication during a telehealth visit if necessary. 

As we learn more about COVID-19, the guidelines and protocols keep changing, so call us or check our website for the most up-to-date information. Meanwhile, consider scheduling a telehealth appointment next time you need to see Dr. Patel. 

The process is simple. You can use your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and we walk you through each step. Call our Newark, Delaware, office today for more details about managing your pain in the age of COVID-19.

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