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Hello Everyone.  Dr. Patel here!  After having kids, it felt like every day someone was telling me to eat this or to eat that. This was incredibly frustrating for me, because I wanted to have a proper understanding of what my body's indivudal needs. That's where precision medicine—what I consider the future of health care—comes into play.

At Delmarva Pain and Spine Center, we now offer genetic testing, which can help us understand how each person should eat in order to optimize their own nutrition. In other words, it is possible to eat for your genes!

You are completely Unique- Unleash the power of your Genes

How do I know what genes I have?

At Delmarva Pain and Spine Center we now offer nutritional genetics testing. Nutritional genomics is the study of how nutrients and genes interact. These tests look at how the how our genes can determine our nutritional needs. 


There are 5 common genes and what they do. 

Knowing your genetic code can give you clarity of who you are as well as to better understand how your body responds to enviornmental factors. It can help us focus on the root cause of chronic conditions you may be suffering from.  This can help you tailor better food and lifestyle choices to feel your best self. 

Bottom Line.

I have a strong East meets West perspective on practicing medicine.  Humbly, what you don't know, you don't know. If you don't know what your risk factors are for certain conditions, you are unaware of what to do in order to prevent or reduce the risk of developing those problems.

There are so many powerful genes we can discover in a simple nutritional genetics panel. The information you obtain from this test can not only help you understand what your body needs and wants, but also can help gause what your risks are for certain diseases, conditions, and nutritional deficiencies.

It is easier and better for you to intervene early rather than waiting until you have a problem. While we always want to work toward optimizing our health, there is some comfort in knowing you have a genetic issue that you can work around by eating in a way that is best for you.


Transparent Pricing:

Unleash Your Genetics Initial Consult: $500 

Nutritional Genetics Testing: $300 (can apply HSA/FSA funds)

Other blood work and screening: Variable Out of Pocket costs, can go through in network insurance. 

Follow up: $250

Please note: a $300 deposit is taken at the time of scheduling. This will apply towards your first appointment, the remaining balance is due at check-in at the time of your appointment. Save time by paying in advance online

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