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If you have severe muscular pain due to knots in your muscles or fascia, you might benefit from trigger point injections. At Delmarva Pain and Spine Center in Newark, Delaware, Shachi Patel, MD, a double board-certified interventional pain management specialist, provides trigger point injections to reduce your pain and help you get back to your regular activities. Call Delmarva Pain and Spine Center or schedule a consultation online today to find out how trigger point injections can ease your pain.

Trigger Point Injections Q & A

What is a trigger point?

Trigger points are painful knots of sensitive tissue that form in your muscles or fascia. They can develop anywhere in your body. Many people develop trigger points in their back and shoulders, but you can also get them in your thighs and calves. 

Trigger points can cause local pain as well as radiating pain if they pull on your surrounding muscles and nerves. You can often feel trigger points through your skin. 

What is a trigger point injection?

A trigger point injection delivers a local anesthetic and an anti-inflammatory medication directly into a trigger point. The medicine should help the trigger point to relax and reduce any painful inflammation. 

Dr. Patel offers trigger point injections to relieve muscular and fascia pain. She can also treat fibromyalgia and tension headaches that are caused or exacerbated by trigger points. 

What should I expect from a trigger point injection?

Dr. Patel begins by feeling your muscles to locate the trigger point. Then, she cleanses your skin and may apply a topical anesthetic. 

Next, Dr. Patel holds the trigger point between two fingers and inserts a needle directly into it. She injects the medicine and waits for a moment to feel the trigger point as it relaxes. 

If the knot doesn’t relax completely, she can adjust the position of the needle and add more of the medicine. If you have multiple trigger points, Dr. Patel can treat several during the same procedure. 

After your injections, you can return to your regular activities. You should take time to stretch the treated muscles, but avoid strenuous activity for a few days.

A trigger point injection should provide some immediate relief, and your pain should continue to subside in the days following your treatment. 

Am I a good candidate for trigger point injections?

Dr. Patel provides comprehensive exams and testing to identify the cause of your pain. If you have a tight, painful neck or back or experience muscle spasms, a trigger point injection could be an excellent treatment option. Additionally, Dr. Patel might consider trigger point injections if you have chronic headaches. 

Call Delmarva Pain and Spine Center or make an appointment online today if you have muscle spasms or tight and painful trigger points. 

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