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Do you have a painful white spot inside your lip or cheek? It could be a painful canker sore!

Cankers sores (aphthous ulcers or aphthous stomatitis) are small, shallow lesions on the soft tissues inside your mouth or at the base of your gums.

They are are not contagious and do not occur on the surface of your lip.

Even though they naturally disappear in one or two weeks, they can be very painful and make it hard to eat and talk.

Don't suffer for that long- our doctor can help you get rid of your canker sore in seconds with chemical cauterization! 

Call our office now at 302-355-0900 to make your canker sore disappear.

OUCH- Canker Sores!

What causes Canker Sores?

As of today, researchers have not yet pinpointed the exact cause of canker sores. However, several studies have shown a few possible links:

  • Trauma or minor injury in your mouth (over brushing, sports-related, biting your cheek, hot food burn, dental work, etc.)
  • Emotional stress or anxiety
  • Changes in hormonal levels (menstruation)
  • Toothpaste or mouthwash with sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Food sensitivities (particularly spicy, citrus or acidic foods or drinks)
  • Lack of iron, zinc, vitamin B-12, or folic acid

Research also shows ulcers were more common in people with certain diseases and conditions, such as:

  • Celiac disease (sensitivity to gluten)
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis
  • A faulty immune system that attacks healthy cells in your mouth
  • Behcet’s disease (causes inflammation throughout the body)

How do you get rid of canker sores?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for canker sores. But the good news is these ulcers will heal on their own.

If you experience pain with a canker sore, the time it takes for it to heal can feel like forever. So, to help you treat your canker sore symptoms, we recommend the following:

  • Taking over-the-counter pain relievers or anti-inflammatories (Advil)
  • Numbing the areas with a topical anesthetic (Orajel or Orabase)
  • If this fails and you are urgently trying to get rid of your canker sore, we can use chemical cauterization to get rid of it instantaneously.

Hope this helps, if interested call our office at 302-355-0900 to get your canker sore treatment kit today!

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